Sunday, May 18, 2008

Video of Singapore government officials' attempts to disrupt & stop screening of film on LKY

I was invited for this event, which was billed as a private event, but i couldn't make it. But i was getting updates during the screening as to what was happening. :-)

Its a good thing there's technology and the internet. If not, we would have had to depend on our local press, which is so famously biased. Watching these actions by Singapore's government officials, trying to disrupt & stop the screening, you'll be forgiven for thinking that a terrorist training video was being shown by a sleeper cell!

SDP has written an account of how government officials disrupted the private screening of a flim on Lee Kuan Yew; Martyn See's account of censorship enforcement in Singapore sinking to a new low; and theonlinecitizens' film on Lee Kuan Yew seized by MDA.

And we also have these videos from tysploevil,

may 19, 12.30pm update: my latest post features the film

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