Monday, May 5, 2008

monkey in the neighbourhood

Recently, a monkey was spotted around our neighbourhood at a very small park called Fuji Hill. I dunno who came up with that name and i myself have not seen the monkey....yet.

Fuji Hill
But another monkey, of the human type, apparently wanted more details and did this to the notice put up by the town council. :-)


Rachel said...

Maybe someone saw me running after some old ladies for the bananas they are carrying in their marketing baskets hence they lodge a complaint. Oh dear... what to do, it has happened. Rice is getting expensive you see, gotta resort to having bananas.

Aidil Omar said...

Pay 'em peanuts and you get monkeys while them having millions. Just don't get my monkey on my back.

Someone get the pest control to catch it and have the primate sent back to Oxley Rise.