Sunday, May 25, 2008

9 out of 10 times i lost but i still love Scrabble!

I may not be championship material but i love playing Scrabble!

Its been an extremely long time since i've played. Years ago, i used to play the game with a good friend of mine. The bugger was bloody good! He should still be. I lost to him countless times but i kept on playing whenever the opportunity came up! In fact, we made the opportunities. You could say we made them so that i could lose....and come back for more!!! The thing is, it was FUN. Didn't matter an iota to me if i won or lost.

Nowadays you have Scrabulous, a game based on Scrabble, in keeping with the times. But nothing beats playing the board game, face to face, with friends, family or even a total stranger. A word of advice: just have fun, don't get uptight and pissed. It just spoils the game. :-)

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