Thursday, May 8, 2008

It just boils down to power and control has just published an email from MICA in response to proposals for internet freedom in Singapore by a group of bloggers,
My Minister would like to thank you and your blogger friends for the effort in putting up the proposals for Internet deregulation which you had emailed to him on 20 April 2008.

MICA is well aware of the fact that Internet and new media technology have evolved by leaps and bounds since we introduced our light-touch approach in 1996. Back then, MICA had recognised the potential growth and impact of the Internet, and the tremendous opportunities and benefits that it will bring to all of us. We were also wary of its negative aspects. Hence, our response to the Internet was to take a balanced light-touch approach. Our intent with this light-touch approach was to foster the growth of the Internet and to enable us to exploit its vast potential while safeguarding our society from its undesirable aspects. That 79% of our households subscribe to broadband and many Singaporeans especially the younger citizens own a blog or participate in some form of new media clearly show that the light-touch approach had not been without merit.

To keep up with the fast-evolving new media landscape, we have been reviewing our light-touch approach and are considering how we could take a lighter touch approach. We have appointed the Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS) in April last year to study the new media and how best to refine our regulatory framework.

We will consider the views expressed in your proposal and other feedback in our review.

Yours sincerely

Press Secretary
to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts
Yes its Ms Bhavani from the infamous mrbrown affair over the latter's '06 S'poreans are fed, up with progress! article in TODAY. This post isn't about her but i thought it best to highlight it to my readers since not all would know or remember.

I admit i've not fully read the proposals by the bloggers but from what i have seen so far, it seems to be a good effort. So its not the proposals for which i don't have a good feeling about.

Blogs and websites, which discuss or report on domestic political issues and are extremely critical of the ruling party, are seen as a pain in the ass but not a real threat (perceived or otherwise) to their power and control. At least not yet. But when push comes to shove, the minefield of legislations, rules & regulations will be brought to bear. It just boils down to power and control.

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