Friday, May 16, 2008

Russian roulette with The Lift

I wish this was some asian horror movie but it isn't. This here is the new lift in my block which started operating in June of last year,

I live in one of those old 4-storey blocks built 25-30 years ago. Its so old even this new lift fits in with the age of the block! This lift was built from scratch, as part of the lift upgrading programme, since the old 4-storey blocks did not have existing lifts when they were constructed back then. Till it was built, everybody, especially the elderly and disabled, were having a "healthy lifestyle" going up and down the stairs!

Since the new lift started operation, it has broken down so many times that i've lost count! I've gotten stuck many times and so have most of my neighbours. Each time doesn't go beyond a minute or less because the lift gets jammed and goes to one of the floors, opens its doors and spits us out. Its a game of russian roulette when one wants to use the lift.

I've called the Essential Maintenance Services or EMSU many times, and to their credit, their guys have been dispatched immediately to fix it...till the next time. EMSU is the 24hr service by HDB and the town councils to attend to such matters.

Its been a few weeks since we last lost the game of russian roulette. We just keep our fingers crossed till then.

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