Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures from JBJ's wake

I went to JBJ's wake today. Standing next to the open coffin and looking down at him. It was a very painful moment for me. The funeral is this Sat, 4 Oct. Click here for details.

These are photos I took while i was there,

At Mount Vernon Complex, Funeral Parlour 1. The banner reads "From: Anson, Hougang, Potong Pasir Supporters"

Wreaths lined-up next to the tent at the entrance to the parlour

JBJ's photo at the entrance of the parlour which saw a steady stream of people paying their last respects

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kojakbt said...

The opposition has lost a determined fighter. My condolence and sympathy…. However, I’m sure JBJ in heaven would not want us to stop fighting the PAP. Let’s continue JBJ’s fight to stop the dominance of 1-party politics in Singapore. Let’s strive to bring true democracy to Singapore by encouraging Singaporeans to vote for pluralism in our politics. Feel free to join me to continue the fight at