Sunday, October 26, 2008

A silent fast at Speakers' Corner tomorrow 27 Oct

I received an sms earlier about an event tomorrow at Speakers' Corner,
A silent fast on Mon 27 Oct 2008 from 9am - 7pm at Speakers Corner for those innocent & helpless children, women & men who are dying in Tamil Eelam Sri Lanka. Please support this cause for peace and justice by going down and visiting the protestor Mr Thamilmaraian tomorrow.
See also Seelan's blogpost.

By sheer coincidence i uploaded a post, about a 2007 documentary called A World of Conflict, on my other blog a couple of minutes before i received the message. The conflict in Sri Lanka was one of the conflicts covered,

As conflicts go, there are many sides to the story. Visit the International Crisis Group's page on Sri Lanka for more detailed information about the conflict there.

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