Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Details of JBJ's wake and funeral

Oct 1 update: I've updated this blopost with this photo i took while i was at the wake. Click to enlarge.

The wake for J B Jeyaretnam, who passed away today, will be held at Mount Vernon, Upper Aljunied Road, Funeral Parlour 1 from 7pm onwards today. Funeral is scheduled for 4 Oct, Saturday, 3pm.

This blogpost will be updated as and when I receive any updates or changes with regards to the wake and funeral.

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wow said...

mr JBJ, thanks for the sacrifices. It was a tough fight. now that you are in God's Home, surely you will enjoy His Presence. to philip & kenneth & all at home, surely you & many will miss him but take heart.....he has gone to a better place.....with GOD.