Monday, September 29, 2008

We might as well live in darkness

Singapore households will see a rise of 21% in their electricity bills from Oct 1. According to another report its the highest one-time increase in seven to eight years.

The latest in a very long list of price increases that has pushed up the cost of living in Singapore.

Bloody salaries either stay the same or see a slight increase which, in turn, gets eaten up by the ever increasing prices. The only thing that sees an increase is the damn workload.

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Xtrocious said...

Sorry but I think you are wrong about salaries going to see a slight increase...

The actual situation on the ground could be closer to more people not getting any pay increases this year to not having any jobs at all!

With Singapore already in a recession (technical if believe ST) but many of us have started feeling the pinch for a while now and it is likely to get worse...