Friday, September 12, 2008

James Gomez to speak at TOC event tomorrow, Sept 13, at Hong Lim Park (selection of videos included)

James Gomez will be a guest speaker at TOC's World Class Service or World Class Profits? event tomorrow Sept 13, 5pm-7pm at Hong Lim Park aka Speakers Corner.

James will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at a Monash University graduation ceremony later today. The degree is awarded for his thesis Democracy and elections: The impact of online politics in Singapore.

During the sidelines of the graduation ceremony, he will hold a media doorstop to release the findings of this research. He will take questions on the findings and its relation to the recent announcements on emerging new media guidelines and its impact on Singapore's electoral system.

He will also outline his plans to return to Singapore.

These are a selection of videos featuring James. The first was during the 2006 General Elections; second, an interview given to TOC in May 2008; and finally at a tak boleh tahan event at Toa Payoh in May 2008.

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