Sunday, November 16, 2008

Videos & photos of Vigil for Peace in Sri Lanka

See here for my earlier post about this vigil. This photo is from a report by about the Nov 15 event.

The first video is from this blogpost followed by TOC's video in a report about the event,

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sie.kathieravelu said...

THE WAR: Has any one of those participating in the war and the pro-war supporters have actually analyzed the roots of the present WAR and he many turns it has taken to the present status of “war for humanitarian purposes” and “war on terrorism” . Next year the name for the war might change since earlier it was known as “the war for peace”. A close analysis and exploration of the TRUTH TO THE ROOTS will enlighten many. If the root causes are correctly and appropriately addressed “terrorism” can be defeated or even crushed without the loss of a single life for the purpose or our willingness to suffer en masse for the goal of wiping out terrorism.
Truth is sacred. Wipe out bribery, corruption, injustice and discrimination and uphold the spirit of the written constitution of the country with all its amendments you will have a just society without terrorism and with people sincerely adhering to the principles of their religion.
Erecting statues for the teachers and praying in places of worship will do no good if we betray the teachings of the Teachers or adhere to/practice what we have learnt.
Materialism has cornered Spiritualism, the cause of the curse today.