Saturday, November 1, 2008

Attorney-General of Singapore goes after Gopalan Nair for contempt of court

According to this media release, the Attorney-General "has applied to court for contempt proceedings to be instituted against Gopalan Nair" for "stating, inter alia, that the courts were being abused for political ends" and "has also attacked the independence and impartiality of the Singapore Judiciary and District Judge Leong in his web log".

Gopalan Nair aka Singapore Dissident is currently in jail for 3 months. He began serving the sentence on Sept 20. See this blogpost about that case and also this video,

This will be the third contempt of court proceedings brought by the Attorney-General. The other two are against the "kangaroo court" activists and Wall Street Journal Asia.

Maybe, since he's at it, the Attorney-General should also bring contempt of court proceedings against the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) for their July 2008 report and/or Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada for their Oct 2007 report.

See my Nov 13 post for an update on Gopalan Nair's "contempt of court" charge

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