Sunday, June 1, 2008

Singapore Dissident arrested by Singapore police

The Singapore police have arrested Gopalan Nair aka Singapore Dissident,
Police arrest former Singaporean for insulting public servant
By Bhagman Singh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 01 June 2008 0021 hrs

SINGAPORE: Police have arrested a former Singaporean for the offence of "threatening, abusing or insulting a public servant".

In response to media queries, police confirmed that Gopalan Pallichadath Nair, who is now a US citizen, was arrested at Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road on Saturday.

A warrant of arrest without bail was granted by the courts for the arrest.

Nair is alleged to have sent an email to the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General which contained statements amounting to the offence of insulting a public servant.

The statements were directed against Justice Belinda Ang, a Supreme Court judge. The statements were also posted on Nair's blog.

Nair is presently in police custody. He will be charged in court on Monday. - CNA/de

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Anonymous said...

Why is MM Lee still even a public servant? He should be retired.

Looks like even the slightest thing can insult him anyway...