Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chua Lee Hoong's a sorry excuse for a journalist

I've heard it said somewhere that in Singapore, there are no journalists, only propagandists.

And Chua Lee Hoong, the political editor of the pro-govt newspaper, Straits Times, takes the cake for being one. She was also an officer for 9 years in Singapore's Internal Security Department. The way she has been writing makes one wonder whether she ever left.

Her recent article on Chee Soon Juan shouldn't come as a surprise as she has been dishing out such pro-govt rubbish for years. Nonetheless, it still does make my blood boil that such rubbish sees the light of day by getting published. My fellow bloggers sgpolitics and sheepcity have written about this as well, here and here.

Propagandists like Chua Lee Hoong are severely afflicted with stockholm syndrome and allow themselves to continue being afflicted by it coz they're nothing without the system which they help to prop-up.

A note: I got the image from this post by toc

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with you. Ms Chua is not a propagandists, she is megaphone. It disturbs me that she is so highly regarded in some quarters. I cannot say that she is a lackey; wrong gender to start with.