Wednesday, April 30, 2008

money come, money go

Singaporeans would have gotten their growth dividend for the month of Apr 08. For those who don't know it yet, go check your bank account or mailboxes today. Its there i'm tellin' ya! :-)

But the happiness is short-lived. Not only for me but i believe also for ALOT of Singaporeans coz with all the damn price increases pushing up the cost of living here, what little we get goes to paying the bills and buying groceries, etc.

Everything go up but pay still the same is a constant refrain i hear everywhere i go and practically everyday. When i go to buy my regular "dose" of red bull at the 7-11 store in my neighbourhood, the cashier tells me that. The lady who sells coffee at one of the neighbourhood coffeeshops tells me the same thing with a defeated look. These are only two examples but its representative of the constant refrain.

Our million-dollar ministers must've "heard" all these voices coz one of them "addressed" this issue by saying Raising wages to address the issue of rising costs may be an enticing option but that is not the right solution and Singaporeans should look at the bigger picture. Easy for him to say that. Try telling it, say, to the lady who sells coffee at my place and she'll probably "accidentally spill" coffee all over his standard white pants & shirt.

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