Thursday, January 1, 2009

A sense of foreboding mixed with hope

I went to bed at about 9pm on new year's eve as i was extremely tired and wasn't feeling well. I slept right through and woke up on the morning of the first day of a new year.

Went down to get some breakfast. Saw two people in my neighbourhood. One's a bag lady. The other, a middle-aged guy who collects used cans to sell. I see them on and off whenever i go down. The former, wearing shorts & a t-shirt, walks around with a big green bag. The latter picks up used cans from the rubbish bins; stamps on each to flatten them and repeats the routine. Both look terribly worn-out.

Just got me thinking. A new year?? Its a new year alright but for many, its just another day of survival. Not only in Singapore but in many places all across the world. Different circumstances, different situations, different reasons, varying degrees but all trying to survive.

But there's always hope, isn't there. I hope so. Here's hoping 2009, one day at a time, will be a good year for everybody out there.

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