Sunday, August 3, 2008

Has our government received information of an imminent threat?

If you think the title of this post sounds alarmist, you should read this news report from CNA.

I can understand such big events will have major security in place. But I don't recall reading or seeing such news reports, in the past, just days before a big event like the NDP, with very vivid language such as,

Police and Civil Defence officers said they are on full standby in case of any attacks on the parade grounds or elsewhere in Singapore.

And depending on the nature of the incident, they may order a mass evacuation.

Where needed, paramedics and doctors will also be called in. In case of a chemical attack, a bus can transform into a personnel decontamination vehicle that can also serve as a mass casualty ambulance.

It could probably be that the authorities just want to reassure the public and this is just routine especially in this day and age.

I'm not an expert but i've read quite a bit (i still do), on issues related to terrorism, from different sources, eg. news reports, books and articles by experts and those who have had dealings & experience with terrorism issues, etc. These are all publicly available material for anyone whose interested. And one of the things described in these material is how the public is warned beforehand, via the media, of any imminent threat/attack. The language used in such reports are especially very stark, vivid and specific.

When i read the CNA report, it just made me wonder if the government has received any credible information about an imminent threat or impending attack. Of course, its not my intention to be an alarmist nor to create panic or any such nonsense.

I'm just thinking out loud and worried for peoples' safety.

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